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The Peter S. Allen MR Research Centre is 100% research dedicated facility and provides unique access to three full-body MRI systems (1.5T, 3T and 4.7T).

The personnel consists of MR faculty staff and their trainees (undergraduate and graduate students & post-docs), clinical collaborators and support staff.
And there's even more people involved with Affiliated Research Teams

Starting a project with the MR Centre isn't difficult - please refer to "How to start" document (coming up soon). Current and prospective investigators alike may be interested in details about user fees and why we have them.

Similarly, there are plenty of student opportunities too.

To get an idea of research currently happening, feel free to have a look at the list of current projects.
Of course, the in-vivo research wouldn't be possible without dedicated volunteers (who don't mind laying still for the sake of science).

Not the only outcome, but a rather important one, is publishing results in scientific journals. However, sometimes it is just as important to share the findings with the general public, using all kinds of media (TV, newspaper, radio...)