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User fees and why we have them

The MR Centre is accessible to all academic and clinical researchers, and is maintained in large part by the hourly fees which those research users pay. The grant-funded user fee is currently constant across each of the three MRI systems at $550 per hour for scanner usage and will be kept constant for the foreseeable future. These hourly fees are in line with other MRI research facilities across Canada. Scan time should include patient preparation, data back-up and clean-up of the scan room. Scan time for the optimization of MRI protocol parameters should be requested in grant application as well. The absolute minimum scan time that can be booked or billed is 30 minutes.

Note that the scan time fee also includes the use of a certified MRI technologist for the Siemens Prisma 3T and a research nurse on all three MRI systems, if they are required for the study. These personnel are available during the day on weekdays. Additional personnel are required to run the Magnex 3T and 4.7T MRIs. An In Vivo MRI compatible monitor (non-invasive blood pressure, ECG, pulse oximetry), Medrad pulse oximeter, two Medrad MRI compatible infusion pumps and a Medrad intra-venous power injector are available for use at no extra charge. The costs of contrast agent are extra.

The user fee provides coverage for
i) salaries and benefits for the MRI engineer and suport staff,
ii) all self-maintenance of the Magnex 3T and 4.7T systems (e.g. cold head, electronic parts, helium fills, software updates, etc) and
iii) shared service contract for the Siemens Prisma 3T.

The user fees do not include any MR image or spectral analysis.