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4.7T System

Varian 4.7T

The 4.7T system is very unique; the strongest full-body system in Canada* and only one of the two systems in the world at this field stregth. It provides a good balance between taking an advantage of the high-field system while avoiding some of the downsides of the ultra-high field systems.

The system is dedicated to Allan H. Owen and his family for a donation that helped to secure funds not only for this particular system, but also for the whole facility.

The system has been recently (in 2008) upgraded with a new gradient and shim coil sets, and enable various applications:
  • high resolution brain imaging
  • functional imaging (fMRI)
  • brain spectroscopy
  • sodium brain imaging
  • knee imaging (sodium and proton)

Sequences available

  • gradient echo
  • spin echo
  • fast-spin echo (FSE)
  • MPRAGE (3D imaging)
  • EPI (echo planar imaging - fMRI)
  • 3D projection imaging
  • susceptibility weighted imaging (SWI)

Typical applications

  • stroke
  • MS (multiple sclerosis)
  • Parkinson's
  • major depression and anxiety disorders

Coils available

  • volume head transmit & receive (proton)
  • 4-channel receive insert (proton)
  • MRII volume head transmit & receive with 4 channel receive insert (proton)
  • knee - proton & sodium
  • head transmit & receive (sodium)

Peripheral systems available

  • MedRad heart rate and and oxygen saturation monitor
  • projector with in-bore screen, response buttons, presentation computer (functional MRI setup)
  • headphones with audio input from CD player, radio (patient entertainment)

 * There are MRI/NMR systems available with higher field strength in Canada, but with limited inside bore diameter, not allowing full body scans (i.e. head only, or sample/small animal systems.)