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Laboratories and other facilities
The MR Research Centre is well equipped not only for the actual MR related experiments, but also for the very important preparation stage.

Laboratories and other facilities available:
  • computer lab
  • patient preparation room
  • wet lab
  • RF coil lab
  • waiting area
  • conference room

Computer lab

The computer lab is located in the centre of the facility, and provides access to multiple computer stations, including several SUN servers and workstations (with MedX and MRVision software for image analysis and LCModel for spectroscopic analysis) and some PC & MAC workstations for data storage and processing (loaded with software such as Matlab, SPM, DTI Studio etc).
This room also serves for informal meetings and more formal presentations if necessary.

Patient preparation room

This room is dedicated to patient preparation for the procedure. From a simple physical exam, or a transfer of immobile patients to MR safe wheelchair/patient bed, to more elaborate blood tests or IV installation. It contains a fully-equipped crash cart, MRI compatible patient monitor for the 1.5T (In-Vivo-NIBP, pulse oximetry and ECG) and 3.0T/4.7T (Medrad-pulse oximetry); 2 MRI-compatible infusion pumps (Medrad) and other amenities of a hospital room, like medical air, oxygen and suction.

Wet lab

This is a true laboratory, equipped with the fume hood, gas burners, scales, pH meter and a lot of other goodies for all your chemistry needs and desires. Phantoms (solutions) are prepared here.

RF coil workshop

A paradise for all engineers and those who like the flicker of a scope or the smell of the melting solder. As much as it is fun to work on the coil development, it's just as important to have a place to quickly test and repair equipment to minimize downtime. Equipped with network analyzer and spectrum analyzer (covering the frequency range of all MR systems).

Waiting area

Located outside of the restricted area, this is a place for volunteers to change, get screened or just relax before the procedure. We're usually running on time, so 'waiting' area is a bit of misnomer, but the comfy sofa helps to pass time for family members who occassionally accompany our volunteers.

Conference room

Next to the waiting area is located the conference room. Please if you'd like to book the room.